Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: 

How do I take care of my bearings?

Neal bearings are ready to use out of the box; they don’t require any lube or washing until they’ve been used. When your bearings are ready for a cleaning we use light citrus cleaners to clean our bearings. You want to avoid very heavy solvents. You should lubricate the bearings after cleaning with any light, low-viscosity oil. Heavy greases will slow your bearings down.

Question 2:

Ceramic, Swiss, or Titanium — what’s the difference?

We offer three different types of bearings to fit the newest skaters and the most seasoned speed junkies.

The Swiss-grade Hurricane bearings are made from high-quality chrome steel with a polished finish, using precise tolerances that far exceed any ABEC ratings. These bearings are great for skaters who are just starting out or for seasoned park skaters who want a quality bearing they can rely on.

Our Titanium-grade Canonball bearings have a titanium carbide coating, making them extremely resistant to corrosion and giving them a longer wear-life. This bearing has a proven wear-performance and a great strength-to-weight ratio. This is the bearing that’ll last whether you’re skating hard in the park or cruising in the streets. 

Our top-of-the-line bearing is the Ceramic hybrid-grade Blackout bearing. This bearing is made from Si3N4 grade 3 ceramic balls with hybrid ceramic steel alloy races. It’s 50% lighter than a steel bearing and 40% stronger, giving it the best strength-to-weight ratio we offer. This performance bearing is so finely balanced that it has a maximum spin rating of 100,000 rpm.

Question 3:

How do you install bearings?

Bearings should be installed with the sealed side of the bearing facing out in order to prevent the majority of dirt and debris from entering the bearing.The spacers should be placed between the two bearings in the wheel. The speed rings should be on the outer side of each bearing. Be careful not to over-tighten your bolts when replacing bearings.